Kimberley Blaine has been listed As One of the Most Powerful Moms in Social Media by Working Mother Magazine --  a true pioneer in digital programming, she is the founder of the popular web show, The Go-To Mom.TV. She is an author, parenting expert and has spent the last 6 years creating video programming for moms.  The series is produced and hosted by Blaine, alongside other well-known Internet mompreneurs as her co-hosts.

Fera: What keeps you busy?

KCB: When I'm not shooting my web series I’m chasing my little kids around!  I have a house full of
kids and pets, so clearly this mom has no down time!

Fera: What's your favorite workout?

KCB: I consider my fast paced life-style to be responsible for my limitless energy. The kids and pets keep my on my toes. But walking, home workouts, and skiing are my main staples for keeping fit.

Fera: What is the healthiest thing you do?

KCB: Sleep is key for me. I get at least 8 hours per night. I also meditate, have deep breathing sessions, and make sure I live in the present moment. My philosophy is nothing is more important than today.

Fera: What is your strangest beauty/health tip?

KCB: Don’t laugh, but I feel that brushing your tongue every day after you do your teeth keeps you
healthy. What if we found out that the people who lived the longest always brushed their tongues? LOL.

Fera: Fave workout song?

KCB: Florence and The Machine’s ‘Dog Days are Over.’

Fera: What's your favorite inspirational quote or saying?

KCB: “The sky is not my limit...I am.”  T.F. Hodge

Fera: Tell us about the last time you wore Fera.

KCB: I was skiing in North Star Tahoe this last Spring wearing my powder blue Fera Ski wear. It was

KCB links:

WEBSITE: www.TheGoToMom.TV
Mom Pulse Network:  www.youtube.com/mompulse
Author of  Emotion Coaching Young Children & The Internet Mommy