5 Tips to Make Your First Ski Trip Fabulous and Fun

First time skier? These five tips will ensure a fabulous first trip to the mountain.

1. Be prepared


When it comes to equipment rent, don't borrow.  Renting is fairly inexpensive and comes with the invaluable bonus that you'll be ensured the proper fit, size and type of gear, plus you can ask the rental clerks any questions you have.


When it comes to packing, make a list a few days in advance so you can add to it as your trip draws near and you think of things. In this case, more is more. You can always leave it in the car/room, but err on the side of over-packing.


You have couple of routes you can take - either raid your own and friends' closets to put an outfit together that contains: waterproof outerwear, warm, wicking, breathable base layers, fancy ski socks (cotton won't work - go the synthetic/wool blend route instead - so worth it) or you can invest in some ski clothing of your own.

Ski wear trends don't really change from year to year so don't be afraid to invest in a more expensive piece or buy last season's stuff - it will look "au currant" for a while. If you really want the most bang for your buck, you can look for a ski jacket that is cute enough to double as a winter coat. Just make sure that you put function first. This happens to be our niche at FERA, so if you want performance plus style, check us out!


Ask your ski friends the things they wish they had known before their first time skiing. We checked around and here are a few gems we found:

"Don't try to eat at lunch... everyone does and it is a great time to ski."

"Many resorts have discount tickets for just the bunny hills - ask and see."

"Don't be afraid to fall. That's how most people injure themselves. Fall with grace and pride."

"Take a lesson, then spend several hours on the bunny slope AFTER you say to yourself, 'Hey, I think I've got the hang of this.'"

2. Lesson and Learn

That last quote was a great segue. Take a lesson. Then take another one. As sweet as your friends are, it will be much more beneficial and stress-free to take a professional lesson. Since the learning curve can be a little steep for skiing, if you have the luxury, sign up for a multi-day class or take more than one lesson. Getting a solid foundation from a professional is completely, totally a worthwhile investment. It will make your entire skiing future so much more awesome.

3. Peer Up

Ski with people at your level if possible. Or ski with friends who are truly patient. On your first runs and first days, don't let anyone hurry you or pressure you or stress you out. Skiing is not a sport you want to rush and especially in these first moments, you need to keep it fun and relaxing!

4. Keep Your Balance

To the previous point, hardcore skiers love to ski. They would keep going through the night if you let them! Whereas you are using muscles you've never used before, your brain is making new neural pathways and you're going to get tired both physically and mentally pretty quickly.

So make sure you take plenty of breaks during the day. Even take an entire day off to shop, read, get a massage, soak in a hot tub, snowshoe, whatever. Remember, the only agenda is to have fun. Just because you're on a ski trip, doesn't mean you have to ski every second of it.

5. Nourish Yourself

You're asking your body to do new and difficult things in a pretty intense environment. Chances are it's colder, drier, and higher at the resort than where you normally are. Plus, skiing is very physically demanding. Don't be surprised if your appetite revs, and you're ready to pass out by 8 pm. Listen to your body - eat more, sleep more and hydrate more than what might be your norm.