5 Tips for Storing Ski Wear Over the Summer

When you put away your ski gear this spring, take a few extra steps - trust us, come fall, you’ll be so grateful you did.
1) Bring your skis to the shop in this spring for a pre-emptive tune-up, wax them with Travel Wax (your local ski shop can advise the proper way to do this…) and store them in a dry place - like maybe not the garage, which can get damp. Come fall, they’ll be rust free and ready to go - just scrape the wax off!

2) Wash/clean everything before storing it - you can even revive your garments’ waterproofness with special wash add-ins like Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In. You can find detergents formulated specially for technical outerwear, and stain treatments as well.
3) Fix everything that’s broken and/or donate it now. Just like you want your skis ready to roll, your skiwear should be ready as well. If anything needs fixing, zippers, rips, etc., your dry cleaner can most likely do it. Or donate it and grab yourself some fresh gear. There’s plenty of off season sales to peruse throughout the summer or make the space now to shop new product in the fall. Either way, don’t wait till winter to discard old gear - you want plenty of time to shop around and get the perfect replacement. Scrambling at the last minute before a ski trip is not the way to go.  
4) Store everything together, including all the misc. and small (read: easy to misplace) gear like gaters, goggles and old ski passes. Throw it all into a duffel bag and put in a plastic storage tub along with all the clothes.

5) Keep everything fresh by emptying all pockets (should probably be done before washing) and layering a few dryer sheets among the clothes.
And when you unpack your gear next fall, the care you took this spring will be beyond worth it.