Journey of a Dress: Celebrating DVF's Iconic Wrap Dress

Designer, entrepreneur, and all-around icon Diane Von Furstenberg has always been an inspiration to us at FERA. Her famous wrap dress pioneered a new form of fashion that was as functional and effortless as it was beautiful - characteristics that are an elusive trifecta to find in any garment - yet it's this combination that drives our design philosophy at FERA.

Now that iconic dress - well, really 200 of them, are on display at a stunning exhibit titled "Journey of a Dress" at the Wilshire May Company Building, adjacent to LACMA.

We paid a visit recently and found ourselves in awe of the timelessness of DVF's designs, worn by custom Pucci mannequins. Does this mean you'll see a blue snakeskin print in future FERA products? Probably not, but you can count on great design, flattering form, and versatility.

If you are in LA for work or play, or you live here, we highly suggest a visit. Below, some snaps we took (PS: pictures are allowed!)