Fitness Trend Alert: The Best Kind of Exercise is Games!

Our newest fitness addiction? Games! Emily Duval Ledger, one of our first FERA Ambassadors, is the founder of Recreation Fitness, a fitcamp with the refreshing philosophy of putting fun first.

Emily recently invited us to participate in Recreation Fitness's Winter Games event and we jumped at the chance to try her unique brand of workouts disguised as playtime. 

It makes sense - remember recess when you were little? All that running and playing? That wasn't work or "exercise." That was pure fun! So a sunny Saturday morning found us in the fresh air at a local park, split into two teams and ready to win!

Emily's genius as a trainer revealed itself in her clever adaptations of popular winter Olympic sports into games that were a little less snow dependent, this being SoCal and all. 

First was the Figure Skating event, where team members balanced in a figure skating pose, and whoever held their balance the longest won. This was intense! The winner held their balance for over 18 minutes. 

Next were Emily's "interpretations" of Biathlon, Speed Skating, Curling, Ski Jump and the day ended with the "Bobsled" event. 

How does one bobsled in a park you might ask? Firstly, the bobsled is reinterpreted as a shopping cart, which provides the much needed functionality of wheels. Then a team member is placed in the cart, while all other teammates drive/push it, keeping one hand on the cart at all times, at top speed in a race against time. 

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye, and we left sweaty, happy and sore, resolved to add more play into our workout routines and lives generally.

What about you? When is the last time you played a game? How could you add more playtime to your life? Let us know in the comments!