8 Signs Your Family is Obsessed with Skiing

A FERA Guest Post by Kimberley Blaine, the Go-To Mom

4 Signs You’re a Ski Obsessed Mom

1) I’m one of those moms who plans all her ski trips at the end of each summer. My boys know that after the holidays they’ll be jet setting to the world’s most popular family friendly ski destinations with me.

2) I started my boys on skis at age five.

3) I color code my boys’ ski outfits so I can spot them anywhere on the mountain, that’s a must! I also wear bright gear in one color top to bottom so they can easily spot me – stuff only a ski mom thinks about. ;) This year my jacket was FERA's top style for 14-15, the gorgeous Danielle, in seafoam blue – so luscious! (You can see it in the pic and it'll be available for purchase this upcoming Fall!)

4) At the end of ski season my kids know mom will buy them a ski outfit that is 2x too big, so they can wear it for the next two years!

4 Signs Your Kids Are Following in Your Footsteps

1) They know that Wooly the Mammoth from Mammoth Mountain can take the ski lift up no matter how large his head is.

2) They’re willing to stay in ski school all day long - especially when their instructor is a super cute bubbly girl!

3) When mom spies on them with her video camera all of a sudden they can do jumps no matter how dangerous.

4) They’re sporting ski stickers on their helmet of all the mountains they’ve skied - making them the cool kids on the slope.

Why do I love skiing with my boys so much? There’s always something to look forward to each ski season. We rarely go back to the same mountain. The boys are connoisseurs of ski school and help me rate the schools they’ve been in for my blog. I’m bound and determined to get those boys up to the top enjoying the moguls with me. 

Meanwhile, I’ll never give up their color-coded ski outfits, as I know one day they’ll blow me away and I will depend on those colors to follow!

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