5 Spring Cleaning Power Moves That Take Less An Hour

1. Clean Out a Junk Drawer

This is a small, discrete space but is generally very cluttered and carries a disproportionate amount of energy-draining mess. Concentrating efforts here can have huge pay-offs in the feeling accomplished department.

2. Organize Your Closet

When you organize a closet, you actually organize your home. If you organize your bedroom closet, you'll be less likely to leave things out in the room, since they'll all have a proper place. If you organize a storage closet, even better. Make three piles - keep, donate, and trash. Hopefully, you'll have more space and more structure once you're done.

3. Clean One Thing Outside Your Normal Routine

The trick here is just to pick one thing. By adding one deep cleaning task to your routine, you won't get overwhelmed - it might even add novelty! And every little bit helps!

Clean behind, under and on top of the fridge
Vacuum under the bed, dresser and other large furniture
Dust overlooked areas - the tops of doors, lightbulbs, etc

4. Add a Donate Bin to the Laundry Room

Add an extra hamper to the laundry room as a donate bin. This encourages and enables you to regularly review your wash and toss stained, old or outgrown items.

5. Wash Curtains

Many curtains can simply be thrown in the washer and dryer - this is a great way to get rid of odors and generally increase freshness in the home. If your curtains/drapes aren't washable, then toss them in the dryer with a few dryer sheets and a damp rag, or simply use the hour you delegated to this task to scheduling a professional cleaning.